• Birth to 5 Years

  • For many children, the preschool years may be the first time that they are away from home during the day and spending a period of time in a formal learning environment.  Preschool children face challenges in the areas of separation from there parents, increasing their social interactions by going from parallel play to interactive play, following direction, learning about their emotions, and how to deal with them in a positive matter. A child may suddenly develop emotional and behavioral issues, become aggressive, withdrawn, worry more often, or act out in an attempt to get more attention. During this time in young childrens’ lives, they could be facing a variety of challenges. Theses may include:  parents returning to work, a new sibling in the home, temper tantrums, kindergarten readiness, aggressive behaviors, transitioning from a family bed to a bed of their own, developmental issues, develop special needs, family separation/divorce, adoption issues, a death or loss in the family, etc.

    Interventions used for this age group would include: Play Therapy, Art Therapy, and Parent Education, Family Therapy, and Mindfulness Meditational techniques 

    • Attachment & Separation Issues
    • Developmental Issues & Stages
    • Temper Tantrums
    • Sibling Relationships
    • Potty Training
    • Choosing the Right Pre-School
    • Kindergarten Readiness