• Family Therapy

  • Family therapy is a specific type of therapy that helps each member in a family improve their communication and resolve conflicts between it’s members. Family therapy views the family as one emotional unit. Family therapy believes that an individual’s behavior is informed by, and inseparable from, the functioning of the whole family.

    Illness with one family member may be a symptom of a larger family problem. Any change in one member of the family, affects both the family structure and each individual member.  This type of therapy helps identify conflicts and anxieties, and helps the family develop strategies to resolve them. This way each family member is strengthened so they can work on family issues as a team. People who participate in family therapy learn more about themselves, and about how their family functions.

    • Improving Communication
    • Positive Parenting
    • Resolving Family Conflicts
    • Divorce
    • Life Transitions
    • Life Crises
    • Grief & Loss